Insta Printz was started in May 2015 with an aim to provide number one products and services in every possible vertical. Our products range from a plethora of individualized and commercial customized products to a wide range of industrial, educational, architectural and medical products.

Our mission and vision have been consistent with our values to provide the best to our customers.
Mission: At Insta Printz, we provide the finest 3D design and printing services that encourages innovation and creativity.
Vision: Providing the finest quality 3D printing services that change the way every individual and organization work, thereby bringing the smile to every customer’s face.

Partnering with Insta Printz gives you a wide scope of the arena, as we work in various segments as mentioned above. Moreover, the kind of training, materials, and kits provided to you, our partners, will help you generate profits in a much lesser time and investment.

Benefits of partnering with us:

  1. Customized Partner Websites
  2. Exclusive Partner Materials
  3. Unique business with comfortable investment option