Industrial Prototyping - Design and customize parts with InstaPrintz 3D Printing



Electronics Prototyping

  • Quality

    - Smooth finish
  • Cost Effective

    - Suitable for small production runs
  • Prototyping

    - To check fit and form
  • Tangible design and Product Testing
  • Time to market

    - Fast due to rapid prototyping

Architecture/Interior Artifacts

  • Story Boarding the concept

    - Gives more visibility about the project
  • Planning of Housing society

    - To utilize the space wisely
  • Cost Reduction

    - Efficient Design so as to avoid extra material
  • Design Freedom

    - Artifacts with complex design
  • Concrete Casting

Gifting/Corporate Gifting

Medical : 3D Printing Revolutionising

  • Customized Fracture Cast

    -Light Weight -Flexible -Extra support on the affected part -Better Aesthetic look -No Itchiness
  • Pre-surgical Model
  • Custom Prosthesis
  • Surgical tools and Medical dosage tool
  • Implants Guides
  • Endodontic Guides
  • Computer guided surgery